Four projects such as automobile industry cultural tourism have signed contracts to settle in Jilin High-tech Zone

来源:   时间: 2024-06-11 08:00

  On June 7, the Management Committee of Jilin High-tech Zone and FAW Jilin Automobile Co., Ltd. and Haikou Biaochi Automobile Culture Development Co., Ltd. held a signing ceremony for the automotive industry cultural tourism and racing R & D and production projects。

  At the signing ceremony, FAW Jilin and Jian Da World (Jilin) Tire Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement on tire supply and automobile production and sales projects, and Jian Da World and Shuguang Network Technology Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement on the "Lighthouse" intelligent factory project。

  Faw Jilin and Haikou Standard Chi invested 1.2 billion yuan to build a professional domestic motor sports, automotive research, RV camping, music, food as one of the industrial tourism project, invested 800 million yuan to build kart, ATV and UTV new energy and fuel dual power vehicle manufacturing base。The two projects, located in the southern district of Gaoxin, are scheduled to start in June。At the same time, FAW Jilin and Jian Da World in tire supply and vehicle sales and other aspects of in-depth cooperation。At present, the new energy automobile tire production line located in the high-tech North District is being adjusted and debugged and will be put into production soon。The two sides not only cooperate in tire supply, but also in vehicle sales, Jianda Group uses domestic and foreign dealer resources to carry out in-depth cooperation。Has signed the intention to sell 20,000 vehicles contract, to create a new model of supply, car sales, barter, tire recovery and other green industry chain。

  Focusing on the goal of building a "lighthouse" factory at the leading level of the industry, Arrow has actively promoted the construction of intelligent high-end equipment industrial parks。At present, after the operation of the intelligent tire factory located in the high-tech North District, it can produce 15 million sets of new energy automobile tires annually, and the annual output value will reach 10 billion yuan after the production, which can absorb more than 2,000 people。(Jilin City Radio and Television Station Ma Yuan Xu Meiqi)

  Source: Wuriotai, Jilin Province